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Men Hair’s Cutt for the year 2022

In this brand-new year, nothing is better than having an appearance that others would envy.
According to Camilo Mideros, director of image and beauty of Reina de Quito and Fundación Jovenes Contra el Cancer, the trend for cortes de pelo hombre in 2022 will be for faded cuts that are made very close to the scalp, that accentuate facial features, and that frame the face for a more youthful attitude.

Taper Fade cortes de pelo hombre

One of the most common haircuts is called a “taper fade,” and it involves gradually shortening the length of the hair from the crown to the nape of the neck.

Low Fade cortes de pelo hombre

The “Low Fade” is another technique that has gained a lot of popularity. This is a cut in which the length of the hair entirely disappears as it approaches the neck. The design of the top portion can take on a variety of forms.

Hihg Fade:

Mideros also suggests the high fade, also known as the ” Hihg Fade,” which is carried out in the form of a taper and in which the fade begins at a somewhat higher region of the scalp. There is a thick lock that sits on top of the head, giving the individual an overall punkish appearance.

The undercut and the undercut are two additional kinds of haircuts that are becoming increasingly popular among young professionals who ride scooters and electric motorbikes. These cortes de pelo hombre have a longer and thicker length of hair on top of the head, while the hair in the back is trimmed shorter and fades out gradually. Mideros observes that its design is a little bit dated and brings to mind the fashion of the 1940s.

If you want to give off a more retro vibe, Mideros suggests sporting more attention-grabbing cortes de pelo hombre, such as pompadours like the one that Elvis Presley made famous. The Disconnected Pompadour is a variation of this haircut in which the top of the hair is faded out to make a difference between the top of the hair and the rest of the hair.


Split cortes de pelo hombre, in which the top of the head is left with longer hair and some volume is added to the sides, are an excellent choice for individuals who are interested in experimenting with different hairstyles.

Customers who really want to wear their hair long can get cortes de pelo hombre with tiered layers and longer front ends at Mideros.

According to the professional, the haircut is one factor to consider when it comes to presenting a fresh and laid-back style. Nevertheless, there are other things that must also be taken care of. Because of this trend, cosmetic and facial care products have been increasingly popular over the past few years.

“Men want healthy, brag-worthy skin, too,” says Mideros, noting that these trends aren’t obvious to the naked eye, but are becoming very apparent with the rise of men-only brands, formulas, and innovations. Mideros also notes that these trends aren’t obvious to the naked eye, but are becoming very apparent with the rise of men-only brands, formulas, and innovations.

Long Live The Bearded Guys:

Despite the fact that many people have cut their lengthy beards and moustaches short since the outbreak, long live the bearded guys! According to Mideros, the trend for this year is to wear them in a more understated manner, opting instead for short and creative shapes.
There are a few different styles, like the shaded style, the styled moustache style, the bicolor style, and the style where the hair and beard are different colors.


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