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What Causes [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] Error and How to Prevent It?

Have you ever encountered the dreaded [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error while trying to send an important email? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. Many users have faced this issue, and thankfully there are ways to prevent it from happening again. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what causes the [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error and how to fix it for good! So let’s dive in and get your email back on track!

What Causes [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] Error?

The [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error is a common problem that many Microsoft Outlook users have faced. The error occurs when there’s an issue with the installation or configuration of your email client. This can happen due to various reasons, such as outdated software, incompatible versions of Outlook, incorrect settings, and more.

One possible cause for this error could be the presence of multiple accounts on your system. If you’re using different emails on one device and don’t configure them correctly in Outlook, it may lead to conflicts between these accounts causing the [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error message.

Another reason why you might see this particular error code is due to a corrupted or damaged PST file. A PST (Personal Storage Table) file stores all your data in Outlook including emails, contacts and calendar entries. If this file gets corrupted or damaged somehow then it can lead to issues like [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b].

If you haven’t updated your version of Microsoft Office recently then that could also be a reason behind the occurrence of this error message. Outdated software doesn’t work well with modern technology which means old versions are prone to bugs and errors.

There are several potential causes behind the frustrating [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] Error; however identifying what’s causing yours will help determine how best to go about resolving it!

How to Prevent [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] Error from Occurring

Preventing the [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error from occurring is important to ensure that your email communication runs smoothly. Here are some effective ways to prevent this error:

Check for any outdated versions of Microsoft Outlook and update it to the latest version available. Outdated software can cause conflicts with other programs running in the background, leading to errors such as [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b].

Make sure you clear your cache and cookies regularly. Accumulated data can also interfere with the functioning of Microsoft Outlook.

Avoid using multiple instances of Microsoft Outlook simultaneously on different devices or tabs as this may lead to confusion among applications that are trying to communicate through them.

Fourthly, keep track of any add-ins and extensions installed in your email client as they may not be compatible with each other and cause errors such as [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b]. Remove those which aren’t necessary or causing issues.

If none of these methods work then contact an IT expert who could help identify the root cause of the problem and provide a solution accordingly.


The [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error can be a frustrating experience for anyone using Microsoft Outlook. However, it is not an uncommon issue and can usually be resolved with some simple troubleshooting steps.

By following the prevention tips we have outlined in this article, you will significantly reduce your chances of encountering this error again in the future. Remember to always keep your software up-to-date, clear out old emails regularly, and avoid installing untrusted add-ins or extensions.

If you do encounter the [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error despite taking these precautions, don’t panic! Simply follow our recommended solutions step-by-step until you find one that works for you.

We hope that this article has been helpful in shedding light on what causes the [pii_email_5c44ec74e49a8800170b] error and how to prevent it from occurring. By implementing these best practices into your daily use of Microsoft Outlook, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more efficient email experience overall.


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