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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Customers as an E-Commerce Business

What’s the secret recipe for losing customers quicker than a soufflé on a trampoline? E-commerce businesses are often so focused on strategy, marketing, and growth that it’s easy to overlook the potholes that could be turning away potential customers. If you’re ready to shore up your online retail presence and keep shoppers coming back, make sure you aren’t making these 7 cardinal sins:

1.  Make Checkout a Headache

You know, there is value in a labyrinth – if you are Theseus. But when it comes to e-commerce, simplicity is the golden ticket. An overly complicated checkout process is like getting lost in the Minotaur’s maze. Customers love a clear path to purchase. Streamline the process, minimise form fields, and avoid unexpected costs at the last minute.

2.  Forget Mobile Users

In a world where everyone and their uncle has a smartphone, un-optimized mobile sites are the modern version of slamming the door in someone’s face. If your e-commerce website doesn’t look and work beautifully on all devices, say bye-bye to a significant chunk of the market. Prioritise your mobile UX with King Kong like your business depends on it – because it does.

3.  Roll Out the Red Carpet for Poor Customer Service

You’re in a shop and you ask a salesperson for help, and they just… walk off. It’s a dramatic flair, but that’s what bad customer service feels like online. Ensure your customer support is responsive, helpful, and communicates clearly. Empower your support team, and provide them with the tools they need to deliver winning service.

4.  Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win the Race

In the digital era, customer patience diminishes as site load speed increases. A sluggish website resembles quicksand – the delay increases the likelihood of visitor departure, potentially leading to a loss of return traffic. Invest in a good hosting service and optimise your site for speed.

5.  Keep the Mystery Alive: Inadequate Product Descriptions

“But… what does it do?” If you’re not answering this question with your product descriptions, you’re leaving your customers guessing. Comprehensive and clear product descriptions with features and benefits can make the difference in a purchase decision. Don’t leave it to the imagination; spell it out!

6.  Tune Out Customer Feedback

You know what’s worse than a displeased customer? A customer who feels unheard. Reviews and feedback play a vital role in comprehending your customers and their requirements. It is crucial to demonstrate attentiveness and a readiness to take action based on the feedback received.

7.  Cashing Out? Limit the Options

Even Crayola knows the value of a diverse colour set. Similarly, customers have different payment preferences. By offering limited payment options, you’re boxing customers into a corner. From credit cards to digital wallets and payment plans – the more, the merrier.


In the grand competition of online selling, the devil isn’t always in the detail; sometimes, it’s in the demons you don’t notice. By steering clear of these seven e-commerce gaffes, you can ensure your customer base grows and stays loyal, just like that well-baked soufflé – but without the threat of a sudden collapse.


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