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Everything about hildibrand quests

Final Fantasy XIV hildibrand quests is a vast, complex game. Whether it’s the intricate main story quests or the countless side missions, there’s something for everyone! Among those side missions are the Hildibrand quests – a series of humorous and lighthearted adventures featuring the titular inspector Hildibrand Manderville. These quests often feature wacky characters, hilarious dialogue and of course epic rewards. In this blog post we will discuss everything you need to know about Hildibrand quests; from what they are, to how to start them and even where to find them! So if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to level up in FFXIV, read on!

What are hildibrand quests?

Hildibrand quests are special side quests in the game Final Fantasy XIV. They revolve around the character Hildibrand, an eccentric detective, and his assistant Nashu. The quests are known for their humorous tone and unique gameplay.

Players can start the Hildibrand quest line by speaking to Hildibrand in Ul’dah. The quest line consists of 11 quests, each of which must be completed in order. The first 10 quests are straightforward fetch quests, but the final quest is a lengthy dungeon crawl.

The rewards for completing the Hildibrand quest line include experience points, gil, and unique items such as clothing and weapons. Players can also earn achievement points by completing certain objectives within the quests.

How to start hildibrand quests?

Assuming you have not completed any of the quests yet, to start the quest line simply speak with Hildibrand outside of Ul’dah. He will tell you that he is an Inspector and is looking for his next case. Agree to help him and he will send you on your first mission.

The rest of the quests in the chain can be started by speaking with any of the NPCs that Hildibrand asks you to talk to during the course of the quest. They will usually have a green ! above their head when they have something new to say to Inspector 32-60.

The different types of hildibrand quests

Hildibrand quests are a series of sidequests in Final Fantasy XIV, added in patch 2.1. They involve the player character teaming up with the eccentric Inspector Hildibrand to investigate crimes and solve mysteries.

The first type of Hildibrand quest is the main questline, which progresses the story and introduces the player to the characters. The second type is the sidequest line, which gives the player more information about the world and its lore. The third type is the fetch quest line, which has the player collecting items for Hildibrand.

The fourth and final type of Hildibrand quest is the minigame line, which has the player participate in various minigames created by Hildibrand. These minigames include solving puzzles, playing games of chance, and participating in competitions.

How to complete hildibrand quests?

Assuming you’re starting from scratch, the easiest way to complete the Hildibrand quests is to simply follow the main story quest line. At a certain point you will be directed to talk to Hildibrand in Ul’dah, and this will trigger the start of the side quest line. From there on out simply complete each quest as it becomes available and you’ll eventually finish the whole thing.

If you’re trying to 100% the game however, things become a bit more difficult. For starters, you need to have completed all of the 2.x content up through Heavensward before starting any of the 3.0 quests. Additionally, a number of the quests are only available during certain times of day or during specific weather conditions. But if you’re dedicated enough, finishing all of Hildibrand’s quests is definitely doable.


To wrap it up, hildibrand quests are a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life in Final Fantasy XIV. The unique and humorous story lines keep you on your toes as you solve puzzles, answer questions, and scavenge for clues. With so many different stories to play through, there is something for everyone to enjoy! So if you’re looking for an exciting adventure with a few laughs along the way then hildibrand quests might be just what you’ve been looking for!


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