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Finance Tech Trends to Watch For

In 2022, we have seen innovation and change across a variety of different industries. With the rapid digitization of all processes and a push to make everything more connected and automated, we have seen profound developments across the board. Due to the many different changes taking place, we have seen different institutions evolving and offering products that go along with these changes.

As the world becomes more connected with new technologies being introduced every day, the world of finance is also one such area where we can see change. For example, cryptocurrencies have been gaining steady traction over the years as well as decentralized finance (DeFi). Moreover, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things have allowed the finance sector to revolutionize the way that it does things.

There are many trends that have been making waves in different areas of finance. Some are subtle changes; others are groundbreaking. Either way, the future has a lot in store to make finance incredibly smart and the ways of old are slowly becoming obsolete.

Finance and Tech

It is important that the world of finances uses the best tools out there to ensure safe, secure, stable, and streamlined processes. Across the finance sector, technology is being used to automate customer service, and IoT is being used to harness customer data which allows financial institutions to make sense of customer habits. AI and ML are using comprehensive algorithms and data sets to identify patterns and create strategies.

Let us dive into the different trends that are dominating the finance world.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The finance world as we know it is made up of several large-scale entities and government rules that regulate the different processes. There are a few names who control the wealth and manage assets, charging fees for their services and using their systems to work. This is termed as centralized finance because it revolves around the notion that their authority over this money is consolidated in a certain authority’s hand i.e. a bank or lending company.

Decentralized finance is the exact opposite of this. In DeFi, the different intermediaries and middlemen that come as part of transactions are removed. Instead, using secure protocols and peer-to-peer financial networks, transactions are made on the blockchain. As a result, all you need is internet and access to your funds and that is all you need to trade, borrow, or lend funds. Moreover, this information is stored on decentralized and secure databases which drastically reduces the chances of theft.

Using DeFi, you are in more control over your funds and where they go. While DeFi does not fully mask your identity, it most certainly removes any strings that may be limiting you.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the greatest innovations of the modern era is that of AI. It has gone from something straight out of fiction and become a reality of the world we live in. Having a computer program make decisions based on prompts and data fed into might not sound like a big deal but in reality, it is completely changing the game as we know it.

In the finance world, AI is being used to automate a host of processes to save time. As we know, time is money, and each second counts. In order to save countless hours, AI is being used to process large amounts of data, carry out repetitive tasks, work 24/7 since it does not tire, and also address customer concerns. Machine learning and AI are being combined to make sense of the vast treasure troves of data being generated by customers and their transactions. AI is sifting through this data, carrying out a variety of tests and actions, and generating insights for these institutions to work with. For example, AI makes fraud detection incredibly simple. It can be programmed to sift through data sets and watch out for any abnormalities. Each time a suspicious transaction goes through, it will be flagged and investigated. The beauty of AI is that it can do this around the clock without ever breaking a sweat.

AI chatbots have become commonplace across a variety of industries, finance included. Customers can have their queries answered by AI which removes the need for human beings to be on the end. This allows for seamless, automated, and efficient correspondence between financial institutions and customers.

Digital Banks

Owing to the entire world going digital, this has given way to digital banks as well. These banks offer all the products and services similar to conventional banks except they do not have any physical presence. These digital banks use cloud-based services and open banking infrastructures to create an entire banking system that does not need a physical branch.

Thanks to COVID-19, the world was forced into digitization and digital banks are a welcome consequence of that. With no capital expenditure, these banks are known to offer comparatively lower service charges which is always a welcome addition. Moreover, because they are digital they have it in them to always use the latest system to ensure transparency and convenience.

Sustainable Finance

One of the most pressing issues of our time is climate change. The implications of climate change are slowly beginning to show and we need to take actionable steps to ensure that we prevent it from getting worse. How does this tie into finance?

Financial institutions need to take actionable steps to ensure they are operating sustainably. Using renewable energy where possible, using low-carbon transport, allowing remote work, and various green initiatives must be adopted. Moreover, there must be a greater push towards green projects and ones that further sustainability initiatives. Investing in sustainable development is another way for them to show intent and action when it comes to saving the planet.

The Internet of Things

Using IoT, finance is able to go wireless and automated. For example, NFC chips in mobile phones and wearables are used to make contactless payments. These transactions are increasingly convenient and also secure.

Furthermore, IoT allows for real-time analytical monitoring. Customer databases can be monitored around the clock and any intrusion attempt can be flagged instantly. Moreover, if a transaction takes place in unrealistic circumstances, the system is immediately notified and the financial institution tries to find out what is going on.


Finance is an integral part of the world we live in. If history is anything to go by, it can take a few bad decisions to compound into massive problems that are felt around the world. With AI, ML, blockchain, automation, and extensive digitization across the board, we have seen the many benefits that we can reap from it.

Using these tools and big data, it has never been easier for financial institutions to make informed decisions moving forward. With DeFi growing, we have seen users depart from centralized systems and gain more control over their money. Some technologies will change the world now; some will lay the foundation for the future. Regardless, it is important that we make finance as smart, smooth, and streamlined as possible. For any of these processes to go through, you need a stable internet connection such as the one from AT&T. If you want to learn more about what they have to offer, click here to find out!

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