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How to Send Money from Card to Card: Brief Guide with IPSIPay

Debit cards have long become the ultimate way of transferring money. Transparency, speed, and convenience is the reason why more than 12 billion cards perform transactions every day. That’s why today we will dive into the card-to-card transfers, and explain how they work while dissecting the main pros and cons of these operations.

Card to Card Money Transfers Explained

How It Works

As card-to-card money transfers are a relatively easy method of transferring funds the operation doesn’t take much time. Some banks process the payments almost immediately. Other institutions could take from 1 to 5 business days.

Depending on the institution, to perform a transaction you’ll either need the:

  • Recipient Details (account name, account number, sort code, or routing number)
  • Linking the registered card to a transfer provider

Transfer Stats

Overall, the increased number of users and payment services lead to the rise of several trends. In 2023 the experts foresee the tendencies towards:

Growing Digitalization

As the number of debit card owners grows so does the number of money transfer services. Today you can send money from card to card with NFC and convenient mobile apps like IPSIPay. The banks are actively embracing this trend and almost every bank in the US has its dedicated application. Finance experts expect even more convenient services in the future.

Demand for Speed

We live in a rapid world and an average bank user in 2023 doesn’t want to wait several days before his payment reaches the recipient. The consumer demand for faster transactions drives the payment services to increase the transaction speed along with impacting the global real-time payment markets.

What are the Pros and Cons of Card-to-card Transfers?

Digital transactions are usually associated with these pros:


The speed and convenience of card-to-card transactions is the main reason why so many people around the world use them as the primary payment method. Debit cards are quicker and cheaper than cheques and cash.

Cheap Currency Conversion

If you want to send money from card to card using different currencies you won’t lose much. It’s a relatively good way to send money internationally with low exchange rates.

More Secure than Cash

Needless to say, digital payments are much more secure than paying with cash.

As for the cons they are:

High-interest Charges

Digital transfers are usually associated with high-interest rates. The charges depend on the institution, but they are inevitable.

Risk of Overspending

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overspending with card-to-card transactions. That’s why we recommend using prepaid cards for such operations.

Risk of Fraud

Fishing, scam, and fraud aren’t regular occurrences in the world of digital, but sending money from card to card brings its risks.

Sending Money with a Card

Card-to-card transfers are most beneficial when it comes to international transfers. This operation is easy to perform. We’ll try to explain the process with IPSIPay. One of the best money transfer apps:

What Information Do You Need to Make a Card-to-Card Transfer?

After downloading the app you’ll need to initiate the transfer. To send money you’ll need:

  • Sender’s 16-digit bank card number
  • Card expiry date
  • CVV2/CVC2 security code of the sender’s card
  • Sender phone number
  • Transfer amount
  • Recipient’s card number
  • Pressing the ‘Confirm transfer’ button

What Fees Are Associated with a Card-to-Card Transfer?

While it is true that additional fees are paid during the transfer the situation is different with IPSIPay. IPSIPay doesn’t charge any incremental fees for wallet-to-wallet national or international transactions, offline or online payments, or transferring funds to prepaid Visa cards. The only fees charged depend on the recipient’s bank.

Receiving Money to Your Card

Receiving money to your card is as easy as it gets with IPSIPay. You receive funds through IPSIPay App or in person using the info given above. To access the transferred money you could:

  • Receive cash from a local bank
  • Get IPSIPay’s VISA debit card sent to your address

To sum up, IPSIPay offers a quick and easy way to send money and receive payments in the US or abroad. Download IPSIPay’s mobile app and see for yourself!


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