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Mac new Features in 2023 That you Cannot Ignore

MacOS Ventura, Apple’s latest Mac operating system version, has a fantastic range of features that you can benefit from immediately. These features will make your 2023 highly productive. Let’s take a look.

Universal Control

Universal Control was one of the most anticipated features of 2022, and in 2023, Apple polished it to ensure that the border is blurred between where your Mac ends and your iPad begins.

Thanks to this feature, you can control your Mac and iPad using a single trackpad and keyboard. You can also use your iPad’s touchpad gestures to control your Mac.

Using Universal Control, you can drag and drop files, text, images, and documents from one device to another. However, suppose the feature is not working. In that case, your Apple devices are incompatible with the quality, both devices are not logged in with the same Apple ID, your iPad and Mac are kept far away from each other, and your devices have a software bug. You can fix this problem by clicking

Continuity Camera

Use your iPhone’s high-end camera as a webcam on your Mac using the Continuity Camera feature. Use an iPhone 11 or later with an ultra-wide camera. You can use the Center Stage feature to move around while remaining centered in the frame and the video automatically following you.

To ensure the camera is steady, you must mount your iPhone’s camera in a position that can be used properly as your Mac’s webcam.

Thanks to Continuity Camera, you can use additional camera effects and settings like Desk View and Studi Light. The former effect uses the ultra-wide camera to show the face and the desk simultaneously. The latter helps to illuminate your face. You can also use the Portrait mode to create a cinematic experience by blurring the background and keeping the subject in focus.

Unsend emails and Messages

macOS Ventura has introduced several improvements to the Mail and Messages applications. You can use these features to your benefit.

One of the standout features is the ability to unsend emails and messages. You may have been a victim of sending the wrong text or email to the wrong person. For example, you might have made a silly typo or omitted an important note. You can unsend the email or message and resend it correctly.

In Mail, you will have ten seconds to unsend your emails. After that, you’ll find an Undo Send link at the bottom of the Sidebar, and you can click it to undo the sent email.

In the Messages app, right-click on the message bubble, and you’ll see the pop-up with the Undo Send option. You have two minutes to unsend a message after you have sent it to the recipient. However, since you sent the message, unsending it will delete the message for the recipient and leave a note saying it was deleted. This feature works when everyone involved is using iMessage. Unfortunately, the message cannot be unsent if you have sent a text from your iPhone to an Android user.

Protect your Hidden & Recently Deleted Photos with a Password

Do you rely on Photos to manage your pictures? The application allows users to hide pictures from their feed if they right-click them and choose Hide Photo. In doing so, the pictures will get placed in a Hidden photo album. Although everyone had access to the Hidden album before, macOS Ventura has tweaked that setting.

You can restrict access by locking your Hidden and Recently Deleted photo albums with a password. You can turn this on by going to Photos > Settings > General. In the Privacy section, tick the box next to Use Password.

Then, whenever you need to access these albums, you must enter your password or use Touch ID.


Passkeys have made their way into macOS with the arrival of macOS Ventura. This is Apple’s joint venture with Microsoft and Google. Passkeys use private and public key cryptography, combining it with biometrics like Touch ID and Face ID. Thanks to this, you don’t need to use passwords anymore.

Stage Manager

Stage Manager is a new feature to Ventura, and it helps organize windows and apps so you can focus on your task. By clicking the Stage Manage button in the Control Center, macOS will quickly organize your open apps and windows into groups so you can recall using the icons on the display’s edge.

Furthermore, the feature allows users to create personalized groups of windows or apps in their chosen layouts. With Stage Manager, you can place the applications you are currently working on at the center of the display without entering full-screen. Instead, you can group the other apps on the side of your screen so they’re nearby, and you can click the icons to bring the apps or windows you need to the screen’s center.


These are some of the most incredible new Mac features in 2023 that you cannot ignore if you want to enjoy a fantastic user experience.


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